There is no peace except the peace of God.

W-pI.200.1. Seek you no further. 2 You will not find peace except the peace of God. 3 Accept this fact, and save yourself the agony of yet more bitter disappointments, bleak despair, and sense of icy hopelessness and doubt. 4 Seek you no further. 5 There is nothing else for you to find except the peace of God, unless you seek for misery and pain.

W-pI.200.2. This is the final point to which each one must come at last, to lay aside all hope of finding happiness where there is none; of being saved by what can only hurt; of making peace of chaos, joy of pain, and Heaven out of hell. 2 Attempt no more to win through losing, nor to die to live. 3 You cannot but be asking for defeat.

W-pI.200.3. Yet you can ask as easily for love, for happiness, and for eternal life in peace that has no ending. 2 Ask for this, and you can only win. 3 To ask for what you have already must succeed. 4 To ask that what is false be true can only fail. 5 Forgive yourself for vain imaginings, and seek no longer what you cannot find. 6 For what could be more foolish than to seek and seek and seek again for hell, when you have but to look with open eyes to find that Heaven lies before you, through a door that opens easily to welcome you?

W-pI.200.4. Come home. 2 You have not found your happiness in foreign places and in alien forms that have no meaning to you, though you sought to make them meaningful. 3 This world is not where you belong. 4 You are a stranger here. 5 But it is given you to find the means whereby the world no longer seems to be a prison house or jail for anyone.

W-pI.200.5. Freedom is given you where you beheld but chains and iron doors. 2 But you must change your mind about the purpose of the world, if you would find escape. 3 You will be bound till all the world is seen by you as blessed, and everyone made free of your mistakes and honored as he is. 4 You made him not; no more yourself. 5 And as you free the one, the other is accepted as he is.

W-pI.200.6. What does forgiveness do? 2 In truth it has no function, and does nothing. 3 For it is unknown in Heaven. 4 It is only hell where it is needed, and where it must serve a mighty function. 5 Is not the escape of God's beloved Son from evil dreams that he imagines, yet believes are true, a worthy purpose? 6 Who could hope for more, while there appears to be a choice to make between success and failure; love and fear?

W-pI.200.7. There is no peace except the peace of God, because He has one Son who cannot make a world in opposition to God's Will and to his own, which is the same as His. 2 What could he hope to find in such a world? 3 It cannot have reality, because it never was created. 4 Is it here that he would seek for peace? 5 Or must he see that, as he looks on it, the world can but deceive? 6 Yet can he learn to look on it another way, and find the peace of God.

W-pI.200.8. Peace is the bridge that everyone will cross, to leave this world behind. 2 But peace begins within the world perceived as different, and leading from this fresh perception to the gate of Heaven and the way beyond. 3 Peace is the answer to conflicting goals, to senseless journeys, frantic, vain pursuits, and meaningless endeavors. 4 Now the way is easy, sloping gently toward the bridge where freedom lies within the peace of God.

W-pI.200.9. Let us not lose our way again today. 2 We go to Heaven, and the path is straight. 3 Only if we attempt to wander can there be delay, and needless wasted time on thorny byways. 4 God alone is sure, and He will guide our footsteps. 5 He will not desert His Son in need, nor let him stray forever from his home. 6 The Father calls; the Son will hear. 7 And that is all there is to what appears to be a world apart from God, where bodies have reality.

W-pI.200.10. Now is there silence. 2 Seek no further. 3 You have come to where the road is carpeted with leaves of false desires, fallen from the trees of hopelessness you sought before. 4 Now are they underfoot. 5 And you look up and on toward Heaven, with the body's eyes but serving for an instant longer now. 6 Peace is already recognized at last, and you can feel its soft embrace surround your heart and mind with comfort and with love.

W-pI.200.11. Today we seek no idols. 2 Peace can not be found in them. 3 The peace of God is ours, and only this will we accept and want. 4 Peace be to us today. 5 For we have found a simple, happy way to leave the world of ambiguity, and to replace our shifting goals and solitary dreams with single purpose and companionship. 6 For peace is union, if it be of God. 7 We seek no further. 8 We are close to home, and draw still nearer every time we say:

9 There is no peace except the peace of God, And I am glad and thankful it is so.



W-pI.rVI.in.1. For this review we take but one idea each day, and practice it as often as is possible. 2 Besides the time you give morning and evening, which should not be less than fifteen minutes, and the hourly remembrances you make throughout the day, use the idea as often as you can between them. 3 Each of these ideas alone would be sufficient for salvation, if it were learned truly. 4 Each would be enough to give release to you and to the world from every form of bondage, and invite the memory of God to come again.

W-pI.rVI.in.2. With this in mind we start our practicing, in which we carefully review the thoughts the Holy Spirit has bestowed on us in our last twenty lessons. 2 Each contains the whole curriculum if understood, practiced, accepted, and applied to all the seeming happenings throughout the day. 3 One is enough. 4 But from that one, there must be no exceptions made. 5 And so we need to use them all and let them blend as one, as each contributes to the whole we learn

W-pI.rVI.in.3. These practice sessions, like our last review, are centered round a central theme with which we start and end each lesson. 2 It is this:

3 I am not a body. 4 I am free. 5 For I am still as God created me.

6 The day begins and ends with this. 7 And we repeat it every time the hour strikes, or we remember, in between, we have a function that transcends the world we see. 8 Beyond this, and a repetition of the special thought we practice for the day, no form of exercise is urged, except a deep relinquishment of everything that clutters up the mind, and makes it deaf to reason, sanity and simple truth.

W-pI.rVI.in.4. We will attempt to get beyond all words and special forms of practicing for this review. 2 For we attempt, this time, to reach a quickened pace along a shorter path to the serenity and peace of God. 3 We merely close our eyes, and then forget all that we thought we knew and understood. 4 For thus is freedom given us from all we did not know and failed to understand.

W-pI.rVI.in.5. There is but one exception to this lack of structuring. 2 Permit no idle thought to go unchallenged. 3 If you notice one, deny its hold and hasten to assure your mind that this is not what it would have. 4 Then gently let the thought which you denied be given up, in sure and quick exchange for the idea we practice for the day.

W-pI.rVI.in.6. When you are tempted, hasten to proclaim your freedom from temptation, as you say:

2 This thought I do not want. 3 I choose instead _______.

4 And then repeat the idea for the day, and let it take the place of what you thought. 5 Beyond such special applications of each day's idea, we will add but a few formal expressions or specific thoughts to aid in practicing. 6 Instead, we give these times of quiet to the Teacher Who instructs in quiet, speaks of peace, and gives our thoughts whatever meaning they may have.

W-pI.rVI.in.7. To Him I offer this review for you. 2 I place you in His charge, and let Him teach you what to do and say and think, each time you turn to Him. 3 He will not fail to be available to you, each time you call to Him to help you. 4 Let us offer Him the whole review we now begin, and let us also not forget to Whom it has been given, as we practice day by day, advancing toward the goal He set for us; allowing Him to teach us how to go, and trusting Him completely for the way each practice period can best become a loving gift of freedom to the world.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.201.1. (181) I trust my brothers, who are one with me.

2 No one but is my brother. 3 I am blessed with oneness with the universe and God, my Father, one Creator of the whole that is my Self, forever One with me.

4 I am not a body. 5 I am free.
6 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.202.1. (182) I will be still an instant and go home.

2 Why would I choose to stay an instant more where I do not belong,
when God Himself has given me His Voice to call me home?

3 I am not a body. 4 I am free.
5 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.203.1. (183) I call upon God's Name and on my own.

2 The Name of God is my deliverance from every
thought of evil and of sin, because it is my own as well as His.

3 I am not a body. 4 I am free.
5 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.204.1. (184) The Name of God is my inheritance.

2 God's Name reminds me that I am His Son, not slave to time, unbound by laws which rule the world of sick illusions, free in God, forever and forever one with Him.

3 I am not a body. 4 I am free.
5 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.205.1. (185) I want the peace of God.

2 The peace of God is everything I want. 3 The peace of God is my one goal; the aim of all my living here, the end I seek, my purpose and my function and my life, while I abide where I am not at home.

4 I am not a body. 5 I am free.
6 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.206.1. (186) Salvation of the world depends on me.

2 I am entrusted with the gifts of God, because I am His Son. 3 And I would give His gifts where He intended them to be.

4 I am not a body. 5 I am free.
6 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.207.1. (187) I bless the world because I bless myself.

2 God's blessing shines upon me from within my heart, where He abides. 3 I need but turn to Him, and every sorrow melts away, as I accept His boundless Love for me.

4 I am not a body. 5 I am free.
6 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.208.1. (188) The peace of God is shining in me now.

2 I will be still, and let the earth be still along with me. 3 And in that stillness we will find the peace of God. 4 It is within my heart, which witnesses to God Himself.

5 I am not a body. 6 I am free.
7 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.209.1. (189) I feel the Love of God within me now.

2 The Love of God is what created me. 3 The Love of God is everything I am. 4 The Love of God proclaimed me as His Son. 5 The Love of God within me sets me free.

6 I am not a body. 7 I am free.
8 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.210.1. (190) I choose the joy of God instead of pain.

2 Pain is my own idea. 3 It is not a Thought of God, but one I thought apart from Him and from His Will. 4 His Will is joy, and only joy for His beloved Son. 5 And that I choose, instead of what I made.

6 I am not a body. 7 I am free.
8 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.211.1. (191) I am the holy Son of God Himself.

2 In silence and in true humility I seek God's glory, to behold it in the Son whom He created as my Self.

3 I am not a body. 4 I am free.
5 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.212.1. (192) I have a function God would have me fill.

2 I seek the function that would set me free from all the vain illusions of the world. 3 Only the function God has given me can offer freedom. 4 Only this I seek, and only this will I accept as mine.

5 I am not a body. 6 I am free.
7 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.213.1. (193) All things are lessons God would have me learn.

2 A lesson is a miracle which God offers to me, in place of thoughts I made that hurt me. 3 What I learn of Him becomes the way I am set free. 4 And so I choose to learn His lessons and forget my own.

5 I am not a body. 6 I am free.
7 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.214.1. (194) I place the future in the Hands of God.

2 The past is gone; the future is not yet. 3 Now am I freed from both. 4 For what God gives can only be for good. 5 And I accept but what He gives as what belongs to me.

6 I am not a body. 7 I am free.
8 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.215.1. (195) Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

2 The Holy Spirit is my only Guide. 3 He walks with me in love. 4 And I give thanks to Him for showing me the way to go.

5 I am not a body. 6 I am free.
7 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.216.1. (196) It can be but myself I crucify.

2 All that I do I do unto myself. 3 If I attack, I suffer. 4 But if I forgive, salvation will be given me.

5 I am not a body. 6 I am free.
7 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.217.1. (197) It can be but my gratitude I earn.

2 Who should give thanks for my salvation but myself? 3 And how but through salvation can I find the Self to Whom my thanks are due?

4 I am not a body. 5 I am free.
6 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.218.1. (198) Only my condemnation injures me.

2 My condemnation keeps my vision dark, and through my sightless eyes I cannot see the vision of my glory. 3 Yet today I can behold this glory and be glad.

4 I am not a body. 5 I am free.
6 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.219.1. (199) I am not a body. 2 I am free.

3 I am God's Son. 4 Be still, my mind, and think a moment upon this. 5 And then return to earth, without confusion as to what my Father loves forever as His Son.

6 I am not a body. 7 I am free.
8 For I am still as God created me.


I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.

W-pI.220.1. (200) There is no peace except the peace of God.

2 Let me not wander from the way of peace, for I am lost on other roads than this. 3 But let me follow Him Who leads me home, and peace is certain as the Love of God.

4 I am not a body. 5 I am free.
6 For I am still as God created me.



W-pII.in.1. Words will mean little now. 2 We use them but as guides on which we do not now depend. 3 For now we seek direct experience of truth alone. 4 The lessons that remain are merely introductions to the times in which we leave the world of pain, and go to enter peace. 5 Now we begin to reach the goal this course has set, and find the end toward which our practicing was always geared.

W-pII.in.2. Now we attempt to let the exercise be merely a beginning. 2 For we wait in quiet expectation for our God and Father. 3 He has promised He will take the final step Himself. 4 And we are sure His promises are kept. 5 We have come far along the road, and now we wait for Him. 6 We will continue spending time with Him each morning and at night, as long as makes us happy. 7 We will not consider time a matter of duration now. 8 We use as much as we will need for the result that we desire. 9 Nor will we forget our hourly remembrance in between, calling to God when we have need of Him as we are tempted to forget our goal.

W-pII.in.3. We will continue with a central thought for all the days to come, and we will use that thought to introduce our times of rest, and calm our minds at need. 2 Yet we will not content ourselves with simple practicing in the remaining holy instants which conclude the year that we have given God. 3 We say some simple words of welcome, and expect our Father to reveal Himself, as He has promised. 4 We have called on Him, and He has promised that His Son will not remain unanswered when he calls His Name.

W-pII.in.4. Now do we come to Him with but His Word upon our minds and hearts, and wait for Him to take the step to us that He has told us, through His Voice, He would not fail to take when we invited Him. 2 He has not left His Son in all his madness, nor betrayed his trust in Him. 3 Has not His faithfulness earned Him the invitation that He seeks to make us happy? 4 We will offer it, and it will be accepted. 5 So our times with Him will now be spent. 6 We say the words of invitation that His Voice suggests, and then we wait for Him to come to us.

W-pII.in.5. Now is the time of prophecy fulfilled. 2 Now are all ancient promises upheld and fully kept. 3 No step remains for time to separate from its accomplishment. 4 For now we cannot fail. 5 Sit silently and wait upon your Father. 6 He has willed to come to you when you have recognized it is your will He do so. 7 And you could have never come this far unless you saw, however dimly, that it is your will.

W-pII.in.6. I am so close to you we cannot fail. 2 Father, we give these holy times to You, in gratitude to Him Who taught us how to leave the world of sorrow in exchange for its replacement, given us by You. 3 We look not backward now. 4 We look ahead, and fix our eyes upon the journey's end. 5 Accept these little gifts of thanks from us, as through Christ's vision we behold a world beyond the one we made, and take that world to be the full replacement of our own.

W-pII.in.7. And now we wait in silence, unafraid and certain of Your coming. 2 We have sought to find our way by following the Guide You sent to us. 3 We did not know the way, but You did not forget us. 4 And we know that You will not forget us now. 5 We ask but that Your ancient promises be kept which are Your Will to keep. 6 We will with You in asking this. 7 The Father and the Son, Whose holy Will created all that is, can fail in nothing. 8 In this certainty, we undertake these last few steps to You, and rest in confidence upon Your Love, which will not fail the Son who calls to You.

W-pII.in.8. And so we start upon the final part of this one holy year, which we have spent together in the search for truth and God, Who is its one Creator. 2 We have found the way He chose for us, and made the choice to follow it as He would have us go. 3 His Hand has held us up. 4 His Thoughts have lit the darkness of our minds. 5 His Love has called to us unceasingly since time began.

W-pII.in.9. We had a wish that God would fail to have the Son whom He created for Himself. 2 We wanted God to change Himself, and be what we would make of Him. 3 And we believed that our insane desires were the truth. 4 Now we are glad that this is all undone, and we no longer think illusions true. 5 The memory of God is shimmering across the wide horizons of our minds. 6 A moment more, and it will rise again. 7 A moment more, and we who are God's Sons are safely home, where He would have us be.

W-pII.in.10. Now is the need for practice almost done. 2 For in this final section, we will come to understand that we need only call to God, and all temptations disappear. 3 Instead of words, we need but feel His Love. 4 Instead of prayers, we need but call His Name. 5 Instead of judging, we need but be still and let all things be healed. 6 We will accept the way God's plan will end, as we received the way it started. 7 Now it is complete. 8 This year has brought us to eternity.

W-pII.in.11. One further use for words we still retain. 2 From time to time, instructions on a theme of special relevance will intersperse our daily lessons and the periods of wordless, deep experience which should come afterwards. 3 These special thoughts should be reviewed each day, each one of them to be continued till the next is given you. 4 They should be slowly read and thought about a little while, preceding one of the holy and blessed instants in the day. 5 We give the first of these instructions now.

1. What Is Forgiveness?

W-pII.1.1. Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. 2 It does not pardon sins and make them real. 3 It sees there was no sin. 4 And in that view are all your sins forgiven. 5 What is sin, except a false idea about God's Son? 6 Forgiveness merely sees its falsity, and therefore lets it go. 7 What then is free to take its place is now the Will of God.

W-pII.1.2. An unforgiving thought is one which makes a judgment that it will not raise to doubt, although it is not true. 2 The mind is closed, and will not be released. 3 The thought protects projection, tightening its chains, so that distortions are more veiled and more obscure; less easily accessible to doubt, and further kept from reason. 4 What can come between a fixed projection and the aim that it has chosen as its wanted goal?

W-pII.1.3. An unforgiving thought does many things. 2 In frantic action it pursues its goal, twisting and overturning what it sees as interfering with its chosen path. 3 Distortion is its purpose, and the means by which it would accomplish it as well. 4 It sets about its furious attempts to smash reality, without concern for anything that would appear to pose a contradiction to its point of view.

W-pII.1.4. Forgiveness, on the other hand, is still, and quietly does nothing. 2 It offends no aspect of reality, nor seeks to twist it to appearances it likes. 3 It merely looks, and waits, and judges not. 4 He who would not forgive must judge, for he must justify his failure to forgive. 5 But he who would forgive himself must learn to welcome truth exactly as it is.

W-pII.1.5. Do nothing, then, and let forgiveness show you what to do, through Him Who is your Guide, your Savior and Protector, strong in hope, and certain of your ultimate success. 2 He has forgiven you already, for such is His function, given Him by God. 3 Now must you share His function, and forgive whom He has saved, whose sinlessness He sees, and whom He honors as the Son of God.


Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.

W-pII.221.1. Father, I come to You today to seek the peace that You alone can give. 2 I come in silence. 3 In the quiet of my heart, the deep recesses of my mind, I wait and listen for Your Voice. 4 My Father, speak to me today. 5 I come to hear Your Voice in silence and in certainty and love, sure You will hear my call and answer me.

W-pII.221.2. Now do we wait in quiet. 2 God is here, because we wait together. 3 I am sure that He will speak to you, and you will hear. 4 Accept my confidence, for it is yours. 5 Our minds are joined. 6 We wait with one intent; to hear our Father's answer to our call, to let our thoughts be still and find His peace, to hear Him speak to us of what we are, and to reveal Himself unto His Son.


God is with me. I live and move in Him.

W-pII.222.1. God is with me. 2 He is my Source of life, the life within, the air I breathe, the food by which I am sustained, the water which renews and cleanses me. 3 He is my home, wherein I live and move; the Spirit which directs my actions, offers me Its Thoughts, and guarantees my safety from all pain. 4 He covers me with kindness and with care, and holds in love the Son He shines upon, who also shines on Him. 5 How still is he who knows the truth of what He speaks today!

W-pII.222.2. Father, we have no words except Your Name upon our lips and in our minds, as we come quietly into Your Presence now, and ask to rest with You in peace a while.


God is my life. I have no life but His.

W-pII.223.1. I was mistaken when I thought I lived apart from God, a separate entity that moved in isolation, unattached, and housed within a body. 2 Now I know my life is God's, I have no other home, and I do not exist apart from Him. 3 He has no Thoughts that are not part of me, and I have none but those which are of Him.

W-pII.223.2. Our Father, let us see the face of Christ instead of our mistakes. 2 For we who are Your holy Son are sinless. 3 We would look upon our sinlessness, for guilt proclaims that we are not Your Son. 4 And we would not forget You longer. 5 We are lonely here, and long for Heaven, where we are at home. 6 Today we would return. 7 Our Name is Yours, and we acknowledge that we are Your Son.


God is my Father, and He loves His Son.

W-pII.224.1. My true Identity is so secure, so lofty, sinless, glorious and great, wholly beneficent and free from guilt, that Heaven looks to It to give it light. 2 It lights the world as well. 3 It is the gift my Father gave to me; the one as well I give the world. 4 There is no gift but this that can be either given or received. 5 This is reality, and only this. 6 This is illusion's end. 7 It is the truth.

W-pII.224.2. My Name, O Father, still is known to You. 2 I have forgotten It, and do not know where I am going, who I am, or what it is I do. 3 Remind me, Father, now, for I am weary of the world I see. 4 Reveal what You would have me see instead.


God is my Father, and His Son loves Him.

W-pII.225.1. Father, I must return Your Love for me, for giving and receiving are the same, and You have given all Your Love to me. 2 I must return it, for I want it mine in full awareness, blazing in my mind and keeping it within its kindly light, inviolate, beloved, with fear behind and only peace ahead. 3 How still the way Your loving Son is led along to You!

W-pII.225.2. Brother, we find that stillness now. 2 The way is open. 3 Now we follow it in peace together. 4 You have reached your hand to me, and I will never leave you. 5 We are one, and it is but this oneness that we seek, as we accomplish these few final steps which end a journey that was not begun.


My home awaits me. I will hasten there.

W-pII.226.1. If I so choose, I can depart this world entirely. 2 It is not death which makes this possible, but it is change of mind about the purpose of the world. 3 If I believe it has a value as I see it now, so will it still remain for me. 4 But if I see no value in the world as I behold it, nothing that I want to keep as mine or search for as a goal, it will depart from me. 5 For I have not sought for illusions to replace the truth.

W-pII.226.2. Father, my home awaits my glad return. 2 Your Arms are open and I hear Your Voice. 3 What need have I to linger in a place of vain desires and of shattered dreams, when Heaven can so easily be mine?


This is my holy instant of release.

W-pII.227.1. Father, it is today that I am free, because my will is Yours. 2 I thought to make another will. 3 Yet nothing that I thought apart from You exists. 4 And I am free because I was mistaken, and did not affect my own reality at all by my illusions. 5 Now I give them up, and lay them down before the feet of truth, to be removed forever from my mind. 6 This is my holy instant of release. 7 Father, I know my will is one with Yours.

W-pII.227.2. And so today we find our glad return to Heaven, which we never really left. 2 The Son of God this day lays down his dreams. 3 The Son of God this day comes home again, released from sin and clad in holiness, with his right mind restored to him at last.


God has condemned me not. No more do I.

W-pII.228.1. My Father knows my holiness. 2 Shall I deny His knowledge, and believe in what His knowledge makes impossible? 3 Shall I accept as true what He proclaims as false? 4 Or shall I take His Word for what I am, since He is my Creator, and the One Who knows the true condition of His Son?

W-pII.228.2. Father, I was mistaken in myself, because I failed to realize the Source from which I came. 2 I have not left that Source to enter in a body and to die. 3 My holiness remains a part of me, as I am part of You. 4 And my mistakes about myself are dreams. 5 I let them go today. 6 And I stand ready to receive Your Word alone for what I really am.


Love, which created me, is what I am.

W-pII.229.1. I seek my own Identity, and find It in these words: "Love, which created me, is what I am." 2 Now need I seek no more. 3 Love has prevailed. 4 So still It waited for my coming home, that I will turn away no longer from the holy face of Christ. 5 And what I look upon attests the truth of the Identity I sought to lose, but which my Father has kept safe for me.

W-pII.229.2. Father, my thanks to You for what I am; for keeping my Identity untouched and sinless, in the midst of all the thoughts of sin my foolish mind made up. 2 And thanks to You for saving me from them. 3 Amen.


Now will I seek and find the peace of God.

W-pII.230.1. In peace I was created. 2 And in peace do I remain. 3 It is not given me to change my Self. 4 How merciful is God my Father, that when He created me He gave me peace forever. 5 Now I ask but to be what I am. 6 And can this be denied me, when it is forever true?

W-pII.230.2. Father, I seek the peace You gave as mine in my creation. 2 What was given then must be here now, for my creation was apart from time, and still remains beyond all change. 3 The peace in which Your Son was born into Your Mind is shining there unchanged. 4 I am as You created me. 5 I need but call on You to find the peace You gave. 6 It is Your Will that gave it to Your Son.

2. What Is Salvation?

W-pII.2.1. Salvation is a promise, made by God, that you would find your way to Him at last. 2 It cannot but be kept. 3 It guarantees that time will have an end, and all the thoughts that have been born in time will end as well. 4 God's Word is given every mind which thinks that it has separate thoughts, and will replace these thoughts of conflict with the Thought of peace.

W-pII.2.2. The Thought of peace was given to God's Son the instant that his mind had thought of war. 2 There was no need for such a Thought before, for peace was given without opposite, and merely was. 3 But when the mind is split there is a need of healing. 4 So the Thought that has the power to heal the split became a part of every fragment of the mind that still was one, but failed to recognize its oneness. 5 Now it did not know itself, and thought its own Identity was lost.

W-pII.2.3. Salvation is undoing in the sense that it does nothing, failing to support the world of dreams and malice. 2 Thus it lets illusions go. 3 By not supporting them, it merely lets them quietly go down to dust. 4 And what they hid is now revealed; an altar to the holy Name of God whereon His Word is written, with the gifts of your forgiveness laid before it, and the memory of God not far behind.

W-pII.2.4. Let us come daily to this holy place, and spend a while together. 2 Here we share our final dream. 3 It is a dream in which there is no sorrow, for it holds a hint of all the glory given us by God. 4 The grass is pushing through the soil, the trees are budding now, and birds have come to live within their branches. 5 Earth is being born again in new perspective. 6 Night has gone, and we have come together in the light.

W-pII.2.5. From here we give salvation to the world, for it is here salvation was received. 2 The song of our rejoicing is the call to all the world that freedom is returned, that time is almost over, and God's Son has but an instant more to wait until his Father is remembered, dreams are done, eternity has shined away the world, and only Heaven now exists at all.


Father, I will but to remember You.

W-pII.231.1. What can I seek for, Father, but Your Love? 2 Perhaps I think I seek for something else; a something I have called by many names. 3 Yet is Your Love the only thing I seek, or ever sought. 4 For there is nothing else that I could ever really want to find. 5 Let me remember You. 6 What else could I desire but the truth about myself?

W-pII.231.2. This is your will, my brother. 2 And you share this will with me, and with the One as well Who is our Father. 3 To remember Him is Heaven. 4 This we seek. 5 And only this is what it will be given us to find.


Be in my mind, my Father, through the day.

W-pII.232.1. Be in my mind, my Father, when I wake, and shine on me throughout the day today. 2 Let every minute be a time in which I dwell with You. 3 And let me not forget my hourly thanksgiving that You have remained with me, and always will be there to hear my call to You and answer me. 4 As evening comes, let all my thoughts be still of You and of Your Love. 5 And let me sleep sure of my safety, certain of Your care, and happily aware I am Your Son.

W-pII.232.2. This is as every day should be. 2 Today, practice the end of fear. 3 Have faith in Him Who is your Father. 4 Trust all things to Him. 5 Let Him reveal all things to you, and be you undismayed because you are His Son.


I give my life to God to guide today.

W-pII.233.1. Father, I give You all my thoughts today. 2 I would have none of mine. 3 In place of them, give me Your Own. 4 I give You all my acts as well, that I may do Your Will instead of seeking goals which cannot be obtained, and wasting time in vain imaginings. 5 Today I come to You. 6 I will step back and merely follow You. 7 Be You the Guide, and I the follower who questions not the wisdom of the Infinite, nor Love whose tenderness I cannot comprehend, but which is yet Your perfect gift to me.

W-pII.233.2. Today we have one Guide to lead us on. 2 And as we walk together, we will give this day to Him with no reserve at all. 3 This is His day. 4 And so it is a day of countless gifts and mercies unto us.


Father, today I am Your Son again.

W-pII.234.1. Today we will anticipate the time when dreams of sin and guilt are gone, and we have reached the holy peace we never left. 2 Merely a tiny instant has elapsed between eternity and timelessness. 3 So brief the interval there was no lapse in continuity, nor break in thoughts which are forever unified as one. 4 Nothing has ever happened to disturb the peace of God the Father and the Son. 5 This we accept as wholly true today.

W-pII.234.2. We thank You, Father, that we cannot lose the memory of You and of Your Love. 2 We recognize our safety, and give thanks for all the gifts You have bestowed on us, for all the loving help we have received, for Your eternal patience, and the Word which You have given us that we are saved.


God in His mercy wills that I be saved.

W-pII.235.1. I need but look upon all things that seem to hurt me, and with perfect certainty assure myself, "God wills that I be saved from this," and merely watch them disappear. 2 I need but keep in mind my Father's Will for me is only happiness, to find that only happiness has come to me. 3 And I need but remember that God's Love surrounds His Son and keeps his sinlessness forever perfect, to be sure that I am saved and safe forever in His Arms. 4 I am the Son He loves. 5 And I am saved because God in His mercy wills it so.

W-pII.235.2. Father, Your Holiness is mine. 2 Your Love created me, and made my sinlessness forever part of You. 3 I have no guilt nor sin in me, for there is none in You.


I rule my mind, which I alone must rule.

W-pII.236.1. I have a kingdom I must rule. 2 At times, it does not seem I am its king at all. 3 It seems to triumph over me, and tell me what to think, and what to do and feel. 4 And yet it has been given me to serve whatever purpose I perceive in it. 5 My mind can only serve. 6 Today I give its service to the Holy Spirit to employ as He sees fit. 7 I thus direct my mind, which I alone can rule. 8 And thus I set it free to do the Will of God.

W-pII.236.2. Father, my mind is open to Your Thoughts, and closed today to every thought but Yours. 2 I rule my mind, and offer it to You. 3 Accept my gift, for it is Yours to me.


Now would I be as God created me.

W-pII.237.1. Today I will accept the truth about myself. 2 I will arise in glory, and allow the light in me to shine upon the world throughout the day. 3 I bring the world the tidings of salvation which I hear as God my Father speaks to me. 4 And I behold the world that Christ would have me see, aware it ends the bitter dream of death; aware it is my Father's Call to me.

W-pII.237.2. Christ is my eyes today, and He the ears that listen to the Voice for God today. 2 Father, I come to You through Him Who is Your Son, and my true Self as well. 3 Amen.


On my decision all salvation rests.

W-pII.238.1. Father, Your trust in me has been so great, I must be worthy. 2 You created me, and know me as I am. 3 And yet You placed Your Son's salvation in my hands, and let it rest on my decision. 4 I must be beloved of You indeed. 5 And I must be steadfast in holiness as well, that You would give Your Son to me in certainty that he is safe Who still is part of You, and yet is mine, because He is my Self.

W-pII.238.2. And so, again today, we pause to think how much our Father loves us. 2 And how dear His Son, created by His Love, remains to Him Whose Love is made complete in him.


The glory of my Father is my own.

W-pII.239.1. Let not the truth about ourselves today be hidden by a false humility. 2 Let us instead be thankful for the gifts our Father gave us. 3 Can we see in those with whom He shares His glory any trace of sin and guilt? 4 And can it be that we are not among them, when He loves His Son forever and with perfect constancy, knowing he is as He created him?

W-pII.239.2. We thank You, Father, for the light that shines forever in us. 2 And we honor it, because You share it with us. 3 We are one, united in this light and one with You, at peace with all creation and ourselves.


Fear is not justified in any form.

W-pII.240.1. Fear is deception. 2 It attests that you have seen yourself as you could never be, and therefore look upon a world which is impossible. 3 Not one thing in this world is true. 4 It does not matter what the form in which it may appear. 5 It witnesses but to your own illusions of yourself. 6 Let us not be deceived today. 7 We are the Sons of God. 8 There is no fear in us, for we are each a part of Love Itself.

W-pII.240.2. How foolish are our fears! 2 Would You allow Your Son to suffer? 3 Give us faith today to recognize Your Son, and set him free. 4 Let us forgive him in Your Name, that we may understand his holiness, and feel the love for him which is Your Own as well.

3. What Is the World?

W-pII.3.1. The world is false perception. 2 It is born of error, and it has not left its source. 3 It will remain no longer than the thought that gave it birth is cherished. 4 When the thought of separation has been changed to one of true forgiveness, will the world be seen in quite another light; and one which leads to truth, where all the world must disappear and all its errors vanish. 5 Now its source has gone, and its effects are gone as well.

W-pII.3.2. The world was made as an attack on God. 2 It symbolizes fear. 3 And what is fear except love's absence? 4 Thus the world was meant to be a place where God could enter not, and where His Son could be apart from Him. 5 Here was perception born, for knowledge could not cause such insane thoughts. 6 But eyes deceive, and ears hear falsely. 7 Now mistakes become quite possible, for certainty has gone.

W-pII.3.3. The mechanisms of illusion have been born instead. 2 And now they go to find what has been given them to seek. 3 Their aim is to fulfill the purpose which the world was made to witness and make real. 4 They see in its illusions but a solid base where truth exists, upheld apart from lies. 5 Yet everything that they report is but illusion which is kept apart from truth.

W-pII.3.4. As sight was made to lead away from truth, it can be redirected. 2 Sounds become the call for God, and all perception can be given a new purpose by the One Whom God appointed Savior to the world. 3 Follow His light, and see the world as He beholds it. 4 Hear His Voice alone in all that speaks to you. 5 And let Him give you peace and certainty, which you have thrown away, but Heaven has preserved for you in Him.

W-pII.3.5. Let us not rest content until the world has joined our changed perception. 2 Let us not be satisfied until forgiveness has been made complete. 3 And let us not attempt to change our function. 4 We must save the world. 5 For we who made it must behold it through the eyes of Christ, that what was made to die can be restored to everlasting life.


This holy instant is salvation come.

W-pII.241.1. What joy there is today! 2 It is a time of special celebration. 3 For today holds out the instant to the darkened world where its release is set. 4 The day has come when sorrows pass away and pain is gone. 5 The glory of salvation dawns today upon a world set free. 6 This is the time of hope for countless millions. 7 They will be united now, as you forgive them all. 8 For I will be forgiven by you today.

W-pII.241.2. We have forgiven one another now, and so we come at last to You again. 2 Father, Your Son, who never left, returns to Heaven and his home. 3 How glad are we to have our sanity restored to us, and to remember that we all are one.


This day is God's. It is my gift to Him.

W-pII.242.1. I will not lead my life alone today. 2 I do not understand the world, and so to try to lead my life alone must be but foolishness. 3 But there is One Who knows all that is best for me. 4 And He is glad to make no choices for me but the ones that lead to God. 5 I give this day to Him, for I would not delay my coming home, and it is He Who knows the way to God.

W-pII.242.2. And so we give today to You. 2 We come with wholly open minds. 3 We do not ask for anything that we may think we want. 4 Give us what You would have received by us. 5 You know all our desires and our wants. 6 And You will give us everything we need in helping us to find the way to You .


Today I will judge nothing that occurs.

W-pII.243.1. I will be honest with myself today. 2 I will not think that I already know what must remain beyond my present grasp. 3 I will not think I understand the whole from bits of my perception, which are all that I can see. 4 Today I recognize that this is so. 5 And so I am relieved of judgments that I cannot make. 6 Thus do I free myself and what I look upon, to be in peace as God created us.

W-pII.243.2. Father, today I leave creation free to be itself. 2 I honor all its parts, in which I am included. 3 We are one because each part contains Your memory, and truth must shine in all of us as one .


I am in danger nowhere in the world.

W-pII.244.1. Your Son is safe wherever he may be, for You are there with him. 2 He need but call upon Your Name, and he will recollect his safety and Your Love, for they are one. 3 How can he fear or doubt or fail to know he cannot suffer, be endangered, or experience unhappiness, when he belongs to You, beloved and loving, in the safety of Your Fatherly embrace?

W-pII.244.2. And there we are in truth. 2 No storms can come into the hallowed haven of our home. 3 In God we are secure. 4 For what can come to threaten God Himself, or make afraid what will forever be a part of Him?


Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe.

W-pII.245.1. Your peace surrounds me, Father. 2 Where I go, Your peace goes there with me. 3 It sheds its light on everyone I meet. 4 I bring it to the desolate and lonely and afraid. 5 I give Your peace to those who suffer pain, or grieve for loss, or think they are bereft of hope and happiness. 6 Send them to me, my Father. 7 Let me bring Your peace with me. 8 For I would save Your Son, as is Your Will, that I may come to recognize my Self .

W-pII.245.2. And so we go in peace. 2 To all the world we give the message that we have received. 3 And thus we come to hear the Voice for God, Who speaks to us as we relate His Word; Whose Love we recognize because we share the Word that He has given unto us.


To love my Father is to love His Son.

W-pII.246.1. Let me not think that I can find the way to God, if I have hatred in my heart. 2 Let me not try to hurt God's Son, and think that I can know his Father or my Self. 3 Let me not fail to recognize myself, and still believe that my awareness can contain my Father, or my mind conceive of all the love my Father has for me, and all the love which I return to Him.

W-pII.246.2. I will accept the way You choose for me to come to You, my Father. 2 For in that will I succeed, because it is Your Will. 3 And I would recognize that what You will is what I will as well, and only that. 4 And so I choose to love Your Son. 5 Amen.


Without forgiveness I will still be blind.

W-pII.247.1. Sin is the symbol of attack. 2 Behold it anywhere, and I will suffer. 3 For forgiveness is the only means whereby Christ's vision comes to me. 4 Let me accept what His sight shows me as the simple truth, and I am healed completely. 5 Brother, come and let me look on you. 6 Your loveliness reflects my own. 7 Your sinlessness is mine. 8 You stand forgiven, and I stand with you.

W-pII.247.2. So would I look on everyone today. 2 My brothers are Your Sons. 3 Your Fatherhood created them, and gave them all to me as part of You, and my own Self as well. 4 Today I honor You through them, and thus I hope this day to recognize my Self.


Whatever suffers is not part of me.

W-pII.248.1. I have disowned the truth. 2 Now let me be as faithful in disowning falsity. 3 Whatever suffers is not part of me. 4 What grieves is not myself. 5 What is in pain is but illusion in my mind. 6 What dies was never living in reality, and did but mock the truth about myself. 7 Now I disown self-concepts and deceits and lies about the holy Son of God. 8 Now am I ready to accept him back as God created him, and as he is.

W-pII.248.2. Father, my ancient love for You returns, and lets me love Your Son again as well. 2 Father, I am as You created me. 3 Now is Your Love remembered, and my own. 4 Now do I understand that they are one.


Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.

W-pII.249.1. Forgiveness paints a picture of a world where suffering is over, loss becomes impossible and anger makes no sense. 2 Attack is gone, and madness has an end. 3 What suffering is now conceivable? 4 What loss can be sustained? 5 The world becomes a place of joy, abundance, charity and endless giving. 6 It is now so like to Heaven that it quickly is transformed into the light that it reflects. 7 And so the journey which the Son of God began has ended in the light from which he came.

W-pII.249.2. Father, we would return our minds to You. 2 We have betrayed them, held them in a vise of bitterness, and frightened them with thoughts of violence and death. 3 Now would we rest again in You, as You created us .


Let me not see myself as limited.

W-pII.250.1. Let me behold the Son of God today, and witness to his glory. 2 Let me not try to obscure the holy light in him, and see his strength diminished and reduced to frailty; nor perceive the lacks in him with which I would attack his sovereignty.

W-pII.250.2. He is Your Son, my Father. 2 And today I would behold his gentleness instead of my illusions. 3 He is what I am, and as I see him so I see myself. 4 Today I would see truly, that this day I may at last identify with him.